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“We need a substantial reform of our communications strategy, upgrading our tools and platforms to reach people around the world,” Mr. Guterres declared, noting that the Organization has since embarked on an ambitious new Global Communications Strategy. ,downdload free cricket games in 2,“This remains the case today,” Thomas Markram said. ,War-torn Syria and neighbouring Türkiye were rocked by twin earthquakes on 6 February, which killed more than 56,000 people and caused widespread destruction, displacing millions.  .

A top official with the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, also called for seizing this “unprecedented opportunity to make more progress toward peace” in Yemen. ,“To ensure a lasting settlement, the Secretary-General underscores the importance of including the broadest array of Sudanese stakeholders, including women, youth, and civil society,” said Mr. Dujarric. ,In her briefing, Giovanie Biha, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Officer-in-Charge of the UN Office for the region, UNOWAS, urged ambassadors to continue to support a strategy centred on building resilience, promoting good governance, and strengthening peace and security. ,bet drug for hairfall.

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downdload free cricket games in 2

“We are on a path of further escalation, which can only cause more suffering to the people of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world”, Ms. DiCarlo told ambassadors.,bet drf,Mr. Grundberg noted that while the truce was an important achievement, it was meant to be a temporary measure towards talks to end the war.  .

“We have to see ourselves as part of the solution, not just as women reserved for sex or for the kitchen,” author and Queen Blessing Itua told UN News ahead of a special event planned for this Sunday in the UN General Assembly Hall.,Women of all ages recounted being raped multiple times while other women were also being raped around them, and a woman raped by six men said she was even forced to tell her assailants that the rape had been “good”, threatening to rape her again if she refused.,bet drug for hairfall,US support totaling nearly 0 million has been withheld for the past seven years..

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The appeal, during World Breastfeeding Week, comes as WHO warned that not using mother’s milk is linked to 820,000 child deaths a year, at a cost to the global economy of 0 billion.,Pollution from transport is an increasingly insidious problem, particularly as data indicates that global air population kills an estimated 7 million people annually.,“Data can play an important role in exposing the true opinions of communities on female genital mutilation,” said Ms. Moneti. “When individuals become aware that others do not support the practice it becomes easier for them to stop female genital mutilation.”.

downdload free cricket games in 2,The CAR authorities are also exploring options for integrating ex-combatants into the security forces, among other developments. ,“But the fragility of the military situation, the dire state of the economy and the daily challenges facing the Yemeni people, provide us with constant reminders of why a more comprehensive agreement between the parties is so vital,” he stressed. .

Globally, despite decades of activism, and dozens of laws on equal pay, women still earn less than 80 cents for every dollar men do. For women with children, women of colour, women refugees and migrants, and women with disabilities, that figure is even lower. ,This upsurge in violence is not limited to one country or one region. Media reports are documenting an increase in violence across the globe - from Argentina, to China, Germany, Turkey, Honduras, South Africa the United Kingdom and the United States to name just a few. In Malaysia calls have doubled and in France they are up 32 per cent.  In Lebanon calls to the helpline were double in March of this year as they were in the same month last year. ,In his message on International Women’s Day, Secretary-General António Guterres stressed that while women’s rights are human rights, in these troubled times, the rights of women and girls are being reduced, restricted and reversed..

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The winning ideas varied in function, but were united in ingenuity, said the agency. Examples of winning designs ranged from a portable diagnostic system for pre-eclampsia, to a board game that disseminates information on sexual and reproductive health and rights.,Rachel Briggs, another UNPOL officer from Liberia deployed to the world’s youngest country, has a similar story. “I had so many dreams but the war in my country shattered them. I was separated from my mother in 1990 and until today, I don’t know if she is dead or alive. I continue searching for her, but my life has moved on,” she reveals.,With UNIFIL, UNMAS and other partners, we are working to remove landmines, which continue to be a danger to the people living in south Lebanon. We are currently demining near the village of Meiss Ej-Jebel, along the Blue Line*. Every day we clear minefields to make this area safe..

bet drf,Some of the violence takes place due to the broader insecurity that women face, particularly where they are advocating for women’s rights.,His appearance there, reportedly coincided with an indictment by the High Court in Islamabad, in a separate corruption case brought by the Election Commission, involving allegations that he sold millions of dollars-worth of State gifts – charges which the former premier and cricket star, has also denied..

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downdload free cricket games in 2

Given the rising number of girls at risk, both agencies call it “a race against trends.”,bet drf,How Mali’s decision to leave the G5 and the Joint Force will impact the dynamics in the region remains to be seen.  “It is most certainly a step back for the Sahel,” she said. .

“Lives and infrastructure are being destroyed, and the security situation is impeding the delivery of humanitarian aid,” said Volker Perthes, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Sudan, briefing the Security Council on Monday about recent developments.,Fighter planes flew over the guest house where we were staying, dropping ammunition and missiles.,bet drug for hairfall,UNIFIL’s pioneering move has been made possible thanks to the Elsie Initiative Fund for Women in Peace Operations, a multilateral fund set up by Member States, that aims to accelerate progress towards gender parity in peacekeeping operations..

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Ms. DiCarlo highlighted some of the mission’s work so far, which has included liberating population centres and providing an environment conducive for political processes to take place.   ,bet drug for hairfall,Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces in February 2022, the Initiative has been one of the few areas in which the Russian and Ukrainian governments have been able to reach agreement. It came about in response to the sharp increase in prices for food and fertilizers around the world: Russia and Ukraine are the main suppliers of these products to world markets, and their ability to export was significantly curtailed once hostilities began.,"The Secretary-General recalls that attacks targeting United Nations peacekeepers may constitute war crimes under international law", said the UN Spokesperson. "He calls on the Malian authorities to spare no effort in identifying the perpetrators of this attack so that they can be brought to justice swiftly. .

American-Zimbabwean actor and playwright Danai Gurira – who in addition to portraying Michonne in the TV series The Walking Dead and ‘Okoye’ in the blockbuster movie Black Panther – is also a noted education and women’s rights activist, testified about her own experience as a woman in her professional career.,The report’s publication comes as the international community negotiates a transformative new agenda for sustainable development, 20 years after the landmark Fourth World Conference on Women, in Beijing, China, which set out an ambitious agenda to advance gender equality. Despite significant advances in many societies, particularly in advancing women’s legal rights, millions of women remain consigned to low paid, poor quality jobs, and lack access to health care, clean water and sanitation.,“We need urgent collective efforts to help the vulnerable population in South Sudan”.,bet drf.

Urukundo Life Skills Board Game is the first ever licensed low-tech educational game in Rwanda that disseminates information on sexual and reproductive health and rights.,poker payout structure calculator,“Breastfeeding saves lives,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “It’s benefits help keep babies healthy in their first days and last well into adulthood.”,The right for women to vote goes hand in hand with several of AWN’s efforts to create new social networks and connect different groups of women in a common effort to speak out for women’s leadership and to end violence against women..

Recalling that access to quality ante- and post-natal health services is key to newborn and maternal survival, the agency warned that only 51 per cent of all health facilities are fully functional, and even these face severe shortages in medicines, equipment, and staff, putting lives at risk.,The money will also assist in meeting women’s needs in emergency situations, help curb the spread of HIV among young people and promote steps to end violence against women, she added.,Mr. Türk has previously raised concerns directly with the authorities regarding the potential human rights risks linked to recruitment, arming and deployment of auxiliaries in Burkina Faso.,bet drug for hairfall.

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Ambassadors met to discuss how to strengthen women’s resilience and leadership as a pathway to peace in regions plagued by armed groups. ,“Although “we desperately need to leap ahead, COVID-19…is taking us further away from the SDGs”, the UN chief commented.,The UN relief chief also warned of the threat to sustainable development in the face of an unstable global economy and growing poverty, and with humanitarian needs outpacing resources.  .

downdload free cricket games in 2,“As I have often said, the world must come together to silence the guns and uphold the values of the UN Charter,” Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement. ,In his message, the Secretary-General said that increasing public disclosure by women from all regions and all walks of life of the sexual harassment they faced is galvanizing power of women’s movements to drive action to eliminate harassment and violence everywhere..

He also stressed that companies and States should be cautious when filtering and blocking social media content, as it can "affect minorities and journalists in disproportionate ways.",Eliminating child marriage and other practices harmful to women and girls are among the targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).,Last month, UNHCR and partners conducted the first protection assessment mission to Palma, a town in the far north-east which saw deadly attacks in March 2021. Most of the 70,000 residents were displaced and the majority have returned in recent weeks..

“He calls on the Congolese authorities to investigate these incidents and bring those responsible to justice. The Secretary-General also urges the authorities to ensure MONUSCO’s immediate, free and unimpeded access to the areas of the attacks to facilitate efforts to protect civilians,” it said.,Special Rapporteurs and other UN rights experts are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, as honorary positions, to examine and report back on a specific human rights theme or country situation.,Quickly stepping into this newfound role, a group of women in Zabadani gathered and initiated a mediation process with the besieging forces in order to negotiate an end to the siege as well as a potential ceasefire..

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What is required is really a change in mindset in regard to the mindset that is required to complete this transition, one which is cognizant of the importance of collaboration and compromise between the political parties in the interests of nation building and progress on the peace agreement, or alternatively, a different approach which is, that almost every aspect of the transition is war, by other means, which doesn’t privilege the nation-building dimension of the engagement.,“The political deadlock persists with no clear end in sight to the prolonged stalemate over the executive,” Mr. Bathily told the Council.  ,According to OHCHR, thousands have been detained throughout the country for joining peaceful protests.  .

downdload free cricket games in 2,He reminded that this pledge is enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adding that lifelong learning, strong social protection, accessible quality long-term healthcare, bridging the digital divide, intergenerational support, dignity and respect “are essential”. ,Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and displaced persons remain in need of protection, shelter and lifesaving health services.  .

In a statement issued on Friday, Stéphane Dujarric said that in addition to the deaths of the male and female peacekeepers in Timbuktu town earlier in the day, four other blue helmets from the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) were injured.,There can be no troop-contributing country that doesn't understand the priority of this issue for us in peacekeeping, and in the UN more generally. We've spoken to every Member State.,He will be intensifying engagement with the parties in the coming weeks to ensure full implementation of their obligations under the truce. .

The agency said that had left humanitarians essentially in ‘famine-prevention mode”.,The UN chief painted a grim picture of civilians around the world suffering from devastating conflicts, rising poverty, and surging hunger, warning that “we are at grave risk of the Rule of Lawlessness”.,“Heavy rains have made getting to safety more difficult for civilians and several key routes have become impassable to humanitarian vehicles delivering life-saving assistance,” said UNHCR Representative in the DRC, Angele Dikongue-Atangana..

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