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Mr. Guterres calls for "an immediate cessation of hostilities and urges all stakeholders to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure,” the statement concluded.,dusk till dawn casino,The agreement includes an Additional Protocol that enables IAEA inspectors to access any location in Iran.,The JCPOA represents a major achievement in nuclear non-proliferation and diplomacy and has contributed to regional and international peace and security –UN chief.

Across the country, the fighting between forces loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi supported by the Saudi coalition and Houthi rebels has left fewer than half of the country’s health facilities operational.,He said significant gaps still remained in the UN’s support package for AMISOM, underscoring the need for “adequate, predictable and sustainable” funding. “I appeal to the Council to consider expanding the support package for AMISDOM to cover some of the critical categories of self-sustainment and to look at the issue of funding of contingent-owned equipment,” he added.,The Secretary-General also said he especially wanted to remind the leaders of the Kosovo Albanian community, the province's biggest ethnic group, of their responsibility to protect and promote the rights of all Kosovars, particularly its minorities.,gratis roulette kroon.

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Attacks on medical teams in Gaza not only risk the life and health of staff and patients, but also undermine the overall capacity of Gaza’s chronically underfunded health system.,gratis roulette casino,“At a time when global anxieties about nuclear weapons are higher than at any time since the Cold War, measures for disarmament and arms control are more vital than ever,” Thomas Markram, Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, told the opening of the 2018 session of the UN Disarmament Commission, held in New York..

“The only part missing is the commitment of parties to make concessions and give priority to the national interest,” he said, wishing Martin Griffiths – a seasoned former diplomat and humanitarian worker, appointed by the UN Secretary-General as his new Special Envoy for Yemen – every success in his efforts.,During the meeting UN chief reiterated his support for OPCW’s work in investigating allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Syria as well as his confidence in its integrity and expertise as well as in that of its Fact-Finding Mission and its conclusions.,gratis roulette kroon,Recently, a small number of Palestine refugees have returned to the camp, due to a lack of alternatives, the UNRWA said. However, these latest hostilities have dramatically reduced its ability to provide critical services to a very vulnerable community, the agency warned. .

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“I am impressed with the work of UNIFIL and its high tempo of patrolling both during the day and at night as well as their activities to maintain stability, especially along the Blue Line,” he said.,In a related development, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said it had, through its monitoring systems, uncovered possible theft of food aid and had launched investigations.,His latest assignment saw him pack his bags after four years in the Afghan capital, Kabul, where he headed the UN political mission there, and head to his home continent, Africa, to take up a new role as the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan..

dusk till dawn casino,Key recommendations from the report and across the events include stronger measures to protect civilians, and a call for dialogue between warring parties to end the conflict.,Sustaining peace is both a goal and a process – Secretary-General Guterres .

The JCPOA – reached by Iran, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the US and the European Union – sets out rigorous mechanisms for monitoring restrictions placed on Iran’s nuclear programme, while paving the way for the lifting UN sanctions against the country.,“I am deeply concerned that water treatment workers and critical infrastructure continue to be targeted in eastern Ukraine’s armed conflict,” said Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, in a statement issued on Wednesday.,More flexible operational support by the UN Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) will also be needed, along with predictable financing..

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This had rendered formerly fertile areas of the country barren, amid murder, rape and other grave human rights violations, the UN official said.,In his remarks, Mr. Guterres also expressed his appreciation to the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders as well as to the representatives of the guarantors – Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom – and the European Union, which served as an observer.,“In this extreme situation,” the officials called for “an immediate cessation of hostilities lasting for at least one month throughout Syria to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid and services, evacuation of the critically sick and wounded, and alleviation of people’s suffering, to the extent possible, wherever they are.”.

gratis roulette casino,Over the weekend, senior UN officials called on the authorities in the Maldives to fully respect the top court ruling, with Mr. Guterres expressing the continued readiness of the UN to facilitate all-party talks in finding a solution to the Indian Ocean nation's political stalemate.,They are also crucial to forging an inclusive vision of a shared future, Peru’s Ambassador Gustavo Meza-Cuadra stated following the vote..

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“It's time to break the silence and start finding answers. In doing so, we can unleash a global current that carries our common humanity to safer shores,” said the 23-year-old Crown Prince, addressing the General Assembly two years after he chaired a Security Council meeting which adopted an historic resolution on ‘youth, peace and security,’ aimed at empowering young people to participate in peace efforts.,gratis roulette casino,“We must not rest until all children who have been recruited or used in violation of international law have been released, and until all children feel safe in their homes, schools and communities, without fear that they will be forced into war.”.

Mr. Vieira de Mello only took his Iraqi mission as a short-term four-month assignment, so important did he and the Secretary-General consider the global fight for human rights and the urgency of his return to his post as High Commissioner.,First, he stressed that disarmament of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons could “save humanity,” noting that some 15,000 nuclear weapons remain stockpiled around the world and hundreds are ready to be launched within minutes.,gratis roulette kroon,They expressed serious concern about the continued arbitrary detentions without access to due process of thousands of persons held outside the authority of the state and called for their immediate release or transfer to detention centres under state authority..

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UNICEF said it is reviewing the panel’s report, especially references to those instances where the agency failed to implement its policy on responding to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, in order to draw practical lessons for the future.,gratis roulette kroon,“Following the military defeat of Dae’sh, the elections represent further progress in building a stronger Iraqi democracy,” Mr. Guterres said in a statement issued Sunday by a UN spokesperson.,At the time of the attack, over 40 humanitarian workers were in Rann. All humanitarian personnel have been evacuated from Rann, and all humanitarian deliveries in the area have been temporarily suspended..

On the first anniversary of that tragedy, Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General at that time, issued a statement in which he said “the victims must be honoured by a collective effort to ascertain the truth about the incident and ensure that any persons determined responsible will be held to account.”,That call for support includes UN assistance in verifying the imminent closure of a nuclear test site in the north, and transforming the buffer zone separating the two nations into a “peace zone.”,The World Health Organization (WHO) said its partners reported some 500 people there had exhibited “signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals.”,gratis roulette casino.

In an interview with UN News, Hanan Ashrawi, an Executive Committee Member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, described the deaths and injuries of Palestinians at the Gaza border on Monday as a “massacre”, adding that Palestinians everywhere were one people, who “share the same pain, the same sorrows, the same aspirations, the same hopes”.,betting tips today free,He added that the “cowardly targeting by terrorists of peaceful demonstrators” in the city on 23 October is an urgent reminder of the need to expedite efforts towards peace, and that restoring peace and stability to Benghazi will be the first step towards stabilising Libya.,Full statement (in French) available here.

Further, previously dysfunctional public institutions now have the capacity to respond to the needs of our citizens through decentralized county service centers with ownership by strong local governments. “And from the tragedy of the health crisis, we are strengthening our healthcare systems, prioritizing prevention and delivering capacity at the community level,” said Ms. Johnson Sirleaf, underscoring that Liberia has enjoyed the benefit of multilateralism through full support provided by the UN, the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).,What is important is that the door is still open and that moderates remain strong, and are becoming a majority in both camps, he said, adding that achieving an agreement will not be easy.,“The members of the Security Council stressed the importance of predictable, reliable and timely resources for AMISOM in order for it to better fulfil its mandate. They called upon the international community to make contributions urgently to AMISOM, without caveats,” the statement said.,gratis roulette kroon.

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“The Secretary-General urges the Taliban to heed the call for peace from the Afghan people and also extend the ceasefire,” according to a statement issued by a UN spokesperson.,He said that absent a credible proposal that can become the basis of final status negotiations, the international community must continue to build the conditions necessary for a resumption of talks.,Mr. de Mistura said he had been on a “tour” of consultations over the past two weeks, meeting with the Syrian Government and opposition, as well as Security Council members. He had also held talks with members of the Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, the European Union’s High Representative - as well as key European governments -Turkey, Russia and Iran..

dusk till dawn casino,He added that it is difficult to see how the killing “squares with Israel’s obligation as occupying power to ensure the welfare of the population of Gaza” – the Palestinian enclave occupied by Israel.,"The Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. I call on the members of the Security Council to unite and exercise that responsibility. I urge all Member States to show restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to avoid any acts that could escalate the situation and worsen the suffering of the Syrian people.”.

“Conflict has gradually destroyed the economy, healthcare services, housing, roads and schools – everything that Yemenis need in order to live and prosper,” said the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, briefing the Security Council a final time before he steps down at the end of the month.,“The Secretary-General would welcome any further steps the Government and all stakeholders can take to continue to strengthen the democratic process,” it added.,The rapid assessment highlights the severity of the trauma children suffered, and the dire needs families have experienced, which have been magnified by a collapsing economy, political instability and the COVID-19 pandemic. .

The Office, however, underscored that the figures are “far from comprehensive” and represent only those cases it has managed to document in the midst of the “chaos and destruction” in east Ghouta.,In the margin of the meeting, Dr Zerbo met the UN News Centre to discuss the achievements of his Organization in terms of surveillance but also to deplore the fact that the Treaty has not been into effect, 20 years after being opened for signature.,"Within the framework of the European Union (EU)-facilitated dialogue, technical implementation needs more meaningful commitment from both sides,” said the UN envoy, noting that the most obvious gap is the lack of progress towards the implementation of the agreed Community/Association of Serb-majority municipalities..

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UNMEE established the Zone between the two countries' armed forces in April 2001. The UN Mission patrols and monitors the area, while a neutral boundary commission, composed of international jurists chosen by the countries, delineates the border.,Seven peacekeepers, seven French soldiers and two Malian civilians were injured.,The UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) closed on 30 March, ending a nearly 15-year presence in the West African country, which had been devastated by 14 years of civil war..

dusk till dawn casino,“She was so very sad,” Gladys told UN News. That day would be a turning point for the young girl, for Gladys, and for hundreds of girls who attend the school.,“The Secretary-General is encouraged by the determination of the people of Zanzibar to build a peaceful and united future, and reiterates the readiness of the United Nations to assist them,” it added..

“I am impressed with the work of UNIFIL and its high tempo of patrolling both during the day and at night as well as their activities to maintain stability, especially along the Blue Line,” he said.,In an interview with the UN News Centre, Mr. Eide began by explaining the protracted and extremely complex history of the long running dispute in Cyprus.,Under the leadership of Edward Kallon, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, the NHF is managed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to provide flexible and timely funds for basic life-saving support. To date, it has raised million in contributions and pledges..

With situation feared to worsen in 2021, The UN agency called on humanitarian actors on the ground in these countries as well as the international community to urgently expand access to and support for nutrition, health and water and sanitation services for children and families. ,In a statement Thursday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called upon all parties on the ground to avoid confrontation and exercise maximum restraint.,But officials also noted that thousands more children remain in the hands of armed groups in South Sudan, in violation of international law. .

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