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Violence against women and girls is also a deeply political issue – Secretary-General Guterres,download mwos betting app, Referring to Rwanda as a role model for women’s participation in government, Mr. Chungong said “we have seen evidence that where countries have come out of conflict and have had the opportunity to re-found the foundations of society, the legal framework of society, there is a greater chance of promoting gender equality, because this is something that has been articulated at the international level and it’s an opportunity for the society as a whole to sit down and say ‘this is what we want in the constitution’”.    ,In a ground-breaking collaboration, the Governments of Norway, Iraq, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) together with UN agencies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is taking on the global SGBV challenge..

“This is an obvious point to make, but it is, sadly, one that we cannot repeat enough”, she said, opening the day-long discussion at UN Headquarters in New York to identify best practices aimed to knock down barriers hindering women’s full participation and leadership, in what she called “our shared mission this year”.  ,The devastating violence is not inevitable and those gathered over the two-day conference, agreed that it can be prevented.,“We call on governments and partners to join the fight to save millions of children's lives by providing proven, low-cost solutions,” said Mr. Peterson.,how tall ia joe root.

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The Secretary-General described yesterday’s news that more than 250 prisoners of war were exchanged between Ukraine and Russia as a welcome development.  ,how t20 team ranking is calculated,“Nuclear weapons are nonsense. Three-quarters of a century later, we must ask what we’ve learned from the mushroom cloud that swelled above this city in 1945”, he urged during the solemn event at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park attended by dozens of people, including hibakusha, young peace activists, Japan’s Prime Minister and other local authorities..

Teresa Gala is a 44-year-old mother of five. She was married at 14, and had to leave school because of her new circumstances. For more than three decades, her days were filled with domestic chores and taking care of her children. During the agricultural season, Ms. Gala added to her daily routine by working on her family farm.,“This should not be tolerated or normalized. There is an urgent need to protect past gains, and move forward to secure equality for women everywhere,” they stressed.,how tall ia joe root,Speaking on behalf of High Representative Izumi Nakamitsu, her deputy, Adedeji Ebo, said that “the absence of accountability” for the previous use of chemical weapons by combatants in Syria’s long-running civil war, “is a threat to international peace and security and a danger to us all”. .

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The ship departed the Turkish capital, Istanbul, on Wednesday after clearing inspection by the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC), the mechanism that supports implementation of the UN-brokered agreement on resuming grain exports from Ukraine. ,“Misogyny and authoritarianism are mutually reinforcing, and are antithetical to stable, prosperous societies,” he said, reminding that “women’s equality is a question of power”.,Many had to leave their farms and abandon their harvests, and walk for days to reach Bandundu town, some 245 kilometres – or 152 miles - away..

download mwos betting app,On its website dedicated to the Day, the United Nations calls the abuse of widows and their children “one of the most serious violations of human rights and obstacles to development today.”,Both Moscow and Kyiv have denied responsibility for the strike on the Zaporizhzhia plant over the weekend. .

António Guterres was speaking to journalists in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where he will be chairing a meeting of chief executives from across the whole UN system.,Due to Russia’s veto, following a new procedure adopted in the UN General Assembly in April, the Assembly must now meet automatically within ten days for the 193-member body to scrutinize and comment on the vote. Any use of the veto by any of the Council's five permanent members triggers a meeting.,“Where laws exist, they are often ignored, and women who pursue legal redress are doubted, denigrated and dismissmantled,” he lamented..

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In a statement issued by his Spokesperson, UN Secretary-General António Guterres strongly condemned the attack, which left the South African ‘blue helmet’ dead, and another wounded.,how t20 team ranking is calculated,On 1 September, I was ready to go back to work. I called my staff—women and men—and asked them to come back to the office. I changed the focus of our organization, but I continued to work for women only..

Only a few survivors of the World War Two Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings are still alive to share their memories. Acutely aware that she is part of the last generation to be able to talk directly to the hibakusha – those who survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb – Anju Niwata, a young Japanese peace activist born and raised in Hiroshima, launched a project called “Rebooting Memories”, which involves colourizing photos taken in the city before the war, featuring survivors, and the families and places lost in the bombing.,With needs growing every day, he called for greater support from the international community, noting that UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children Appeal is only 22 percent funded. ,how tall ia joe root, We have a greeting in our language, Creole, when someone leaves home, we tell them to be “pridan” or careful, but this expression has lost its meaning now because our life is so dangerous. You think you are safe at home but bullets know every pathway and back alley in our neighbourhood..

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“Sadly, we are a long way from this goal at present, and there are challenging diplomatic and ground realities that make advancing towards a comprehensive solution difficult. But the status quo should not be acceptable and there are ways forward.” ,download mwos betting app,In the case of State security forces, human rights violations were committed to quash dissent and exploit vulnerable migrants, with no justice in sight, according to the latest report, from the Independent Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) on Libya.,“It is important that we join in initiating these discussions. It also presents an opportunity to shift perceptions about what is possible for Nigeria and Nigerian women,” Ms. Fafunwa added..

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The past 15 years have made clear that women are a key resource for promoting peace and stability. Research highlighted in the Global Study on the implementation of resolution 1325 has established that women’s participation and inclusion makes humanitarian assistance more effective, strengthens the protection efforts of UN peacekeepers, contributes to the conclusion and implementation of peace talks and sustainable peace and accelerates economic recovery.,The UK scheme set up to connect British hosts, with Ukrainian refugees, works by initially connecting the two parties together outside any regulatory framework, via social media groups or other means.,Those in attendance spoke of the need to overcome barriers preventing women’s voices from being heard in peace discussions, saying those obstacles are compounded by general insecurity and targeted attacks against women’s human rights defenders, including journalists, activists and high-profile women leaders..

download mwos betting app,In all, 2.6 million children died before the end of their first month. Among those children, more than 80 per cent died from preventable and treatable causes such as premature birth, complications during delivery, and infections like sepsis and pneumonia.,As the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is marked on 6 February, the UN sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA, continues to lead the UN effort to end FGM..

“Millions are being plunged into extreme hardship and appalling conditions of life by these strikes”, he said.,Cluster munitions are not only dangerous in the short-term, but pose severe long term risks to local communities. ,After two years of marriage, I became pregnant but there were problems during the birth. I had to travel a long distance to the health facility, which weakened me..

He called on Israel to cease advancement of all settlement activities as well as the demolition of Palestinian-owned property, and to prevent possible displacement and evictions. ,Mr. Guterres noted that “freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are fundamental rights that must be respected at all times”.,These attacks threaten to expose millions of civilians to extreme hardship and even life-endangering conditions over the freezing winter, she said, reminding that under international humanitarian law, attacks targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure are prohibited..

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“I vehemently condemn the obstinacy of the Coalition of Patriots for Change and other armed groups who continue to spread terror, insecurity and suffering among the civilian population and victims of violations and abuses,” said Yao Agbetse, who monitors rights abuses in CAR.,The event honouring the women of developing countries who defended their rights more than seven decades ago, provided not only long-overdue recognition today, but also served to correct an incomplete historical narrative, which failed to reflect the role of women from countries like Brazil, the Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Uruguay and Venezuela.,Eighty SEA cases were reported at peacekeeping and political missions in 2019, while 95 allegations were recorded at other UN entities. .

download mwos betting app,“The results of this year’s Global Report further demonstrate the need to collectively address acute food insecurity at the global level across humanitarian, development and peace context,” said QU Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). ,In the statement, Ms. McCain explained that all operations in Sudan have been suspended, pending a review of the evolving security situation..

Local and displaced populations in western Ukraine are also among those who need help in the short term, amid rising food insecurity and as people exhaust their savings, FAO said.,When Lise Kingo, Executive-Director of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, spoke exclusively to UN News, she explained that progress on economic gender is going much slower than she expected when she began her career as an executive in the corporate world: the most recent data from the World Economic Forum shows that, on current trends, it will take 202 years to close the divide in the workplace.,Women don’t want to talk because they are under threat, but also because of traditional restrictions, including fathers and husbands forbidding them from talking – Journalist Sediqa Sherzai.

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“Any attack to nuclear plants is…suicidal,” the UN chief said, adding that he hoped that the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would be able to access the plant for inspection.,The accord was signed in Türkiye in July 2022, in parallel with a Memorandum of Understanding on Russian food and fertilizer exports. ,Addressing the Security Council, Ms. Mohammed underlined the UN Secretary-General’s call for support to the Haitian National Police, as set out in a letter to ambassadors in October.   .

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download mwos betting app,“Key peace and security issues, such as the situation on the Korean Peninsula, must be an area for cooperation,” she cautioned in a briefing to the 15-member Council on recent developments. “Diplomacy – not isolation – is the only way forward.”,Looking back on the Fourth World Conference on Women in the Chinese capital, UN Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, said in a statement that “we have seen the strength and impact of collective activism grow and have been reminded of the importance of multilateralism and partnership to find common solutions to shared problems.” .

After receiving counselling from the Spotlight Initiative – a global initiative of the UN, supported by the European Union, which aims to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls – she became a volunteer psychosocial support assistant with an NGO in Uganda, helping other women and children leave and recover from violent situations.,Studies show that a large majority of women worldwide have been victims of sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces; in Mexico City, a recent national survey found that nearly 90 per cent of women feel unsafe on buses and on the subway.,According to UN Women’s 2018 Turning Promises into Action: Gender Equality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, nearly one-in-ten of the estimated 258 million widows globally live in extreme poverty – with little or no input to policies impacting their survival..

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Isabella Echeverri, Colombia football player and ambassador for the Save the Dream movement, said athletes are role models on and off the pitch.,He urged countries in the region “to cooperate fully with the Agency, with a view to achieving peaceful co-existence through confidence building and transparency”.  ,These operate in both Iraq and Syria, as well as outside the core conflict zone – notably in Afghanistan, Somalia and the Lake Chad Basin. .

download mwos betting app,The Zaporizhzhya plant has come under fire during the war. It has lost off-site power seven times and had to rely on emergency diesel generators – “the last line of defence against a nuclear accident,” he said.,“Unfortunately, individuals’ desire to end female genital mutilation is often hidden, and many women and men still believe the practice is needed in order for them to be accepted in their communities,” she added..

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Moreover, partners are also extending their cash programmes also in these areas. ,serie a womens table,For UNPOL officer Alfreda Tozay, it’s the memories of people being killed, destroyed properties and extreme hunger, which still resonate.,Ms. Mudawi told the Council that more than 21 million Yemenis require emergency assistance, and recent torrential rains have affected over 100,000 people, adding to the numbers.  .

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The role of science education in a changing world cannot be undervalued: it is estimated that fully 90 per cent of future jobs will require some form of ICT (information and communication technology) skills, and the fastest growing job categories are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), with recent studies indicating 58 million net new jobs, in areas such as data analysis, software development and data visualization.,how tall ia joe root,On 1 February, she said the military had extended its State of Emergency, and intensified the use of force to include more aerial bombing, the burning of civilian homes, and other “grave human rights violations to maintain its grip on power.”,For the previous 10 months, I had been working on building the biggest network in Afghanistan, that brought women closer to the peace process. Every day, my job was to elevate the voices of Afghan women to the forums where decisions that concerned their future were being made. I was constantly on the ground, travelling from province to province, talking to thousands of Afghan women..

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“Da’esh and its affiliates continue to exploit conflict dynamics, governance fragilities and inequality to incite, plan and organize terrorist attacks,” said UN counter-terrorism chief Vladimir Voronkov, presenting the Secretary-General’s fifteenth report. ,rummy circlew,Overall, more than 14 million people in Syria require assistance amid a dire situation in which infrastructure has crumbled and economic activity halved due to conflict, regional financial crises, sanctions, and the COVID-19 pandemic. ,UNICEF co-leads, along with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), a global programme to encourage elimination of female genital mutilation, and currently supports efforts in 17 countries..

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Speaking to reporters, agency chief Rafael Mariano Grossi expressed confidence that they will be able to safely conduct their technical mission, which follows months of consultations amid fears of a potential catastrophe at Europe’s largest nuclear facility. ,sandhu cricket player,The accord was signed in Türkiye in July 2022, in parallel with a Memorandum of Understanding on Russian food and fertilizer exports. ,Speaking from Kyiv, Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, Osnat Lubrani, described the heartbreak she felt after seeing “this destruction, this suffering”, in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Bucha, Irpin and beyond..

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download mwos betting app

Women in the DRC have also received assistance through livelihood support programmes for mushroom farming and basketweaving. ,Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi was speaking on Thursday after he and IAEA experts visited Europe’s largest nuclear plant, which has seen repeated shelling in recent weeks, sparking fears of a catastrophe. ,In an effort to protect the world’s newborns, UNICEF’s Every Child ALIVE campaign calls for greater investment in health systems, recruitment and training of doctors, nurses and midwives; clean and functional health facilities with water, soap and electricity for every mother and baby, life-saving drugs and equipment during delivery, and for the empowering of adolescent girls and families to demand quality care..

Back in Bol in Chad’s Lac Region, Halima has finished her training as a paralegal. Today she considers herself an agent change of who sensitizes “my sisters against radicalism and extreme violence,” she said adding: “I am happy to have a second chance in life and now I want to give back to my community.”,In a statement attributable to Mr. Guterres, he expressed deep concern about the continued clashes, and reminded the warring parties of the need to respect international law, including the obligation to ensure the safety and security of all United Nations and associated personnel, their premises, and their assets.,“Paternity claims are complex”, Ms. Connors revealed.  “They often involve several jurisdictions, require us to work with Member States, so we are working on ways for the women to gain access to the legal support they need to pursue those claims”. .

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The Council should promote “universal respect and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. For all”, continued the newly elected president. “Without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”.,He added that the Palestinian Authority (PA) the governing body of the West Bank under the 1994 Oslo Accords, “urgently needs the economic support and political space to fully exercise its authority, including security, in areas under its control.”,Among other provisions, the text would also have the Assembly designate 6 February as the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation..

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“Now is the time for us to act in unison, to secure a nationwide ceasefire, advance the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, and create the conditions necessary for the voluntary return of refugees in safety and dignity, with our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity of Syria, and to regional stability,” he said in a statement. ,The trend echoes concerns raised recently by Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), who said 2022 saw the highest number of Palestinians killed by Israeli Security Forces in the past 17 years, and the highest number of Israelis killed since 2016.,Ukrainian military sources reported that as many as 400 people were killed or wounded at Makiivka, but there has been no independent verification on casualties. .

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The suspect, 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron, who is white, live-streamed the attack, which was carried out at a Tops supermarket in a predominantly black area of the city, located in the northeastern United States.,"The most beautiful thing I remember was the way the army, our former adversary, community, former rebels and local authorities worked together, regardless of the past that separated us," says Yarledys Olaya, an indigenous Barí woman, who spent 20 years fighting for the now disbanded FARC rebel group.,Some 60 per cent of the world’s undernourished people live in areas affected by conflict he said, adding that “no country is immune”..

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“We are particularly concerned about the shift of fighting to urban areas, where the potential for civilian harm is even greater”, Stéphane Dujarric told correspondents at UN Headquarters in New York.,Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen of Argentina, President of the Review Conference, told journalists he was “frustrated” that parties did not adopt an outcome document by consensus.,Forty-four young Palestinians, and one Israeli child, lost their lives this year.   .

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The launch sparked confusion in neighbouring South Korea and in Japan. ,According to the Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, set up one year ago at the request of the Human Rights Council, Russian troops committed a “wide range” of violations across the country, many of which are war crimes.,He cited preliminary data which suggests that 134 children were killed or maimed by explosive devices between January and March of this year. .

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She added that the UN also is doing its part.,Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN-Habitat, agreed. “The ASTF Framework, and the bi-annual ASTF meetings, will allow leaders to share knowledge and best practices, while acting as a mechanism for funding and investment for sustainable transport infrastructure across the region.”,Criminal gangs have been blocking access to the main fuel terminal in the capital Port-au-Prince, bringing critical services to a standstill, as Haiti grapples with a widening cholera epidemic, amid political and economic meltdown..

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This sort of inclusivity is “a vital human right and critical for the achievement of gender equality and sustainable development,” the UN agency said.,“I often call it the ‘docking station’ for all the goals,” she said, flagging that Spotlight builds on civil society leadership and aims to address some of the imbalances women face.,Muruganantham’s mini-machines, which can manufacture sanitary pads for less than one-third of the cost of commercial pads, are now installed in at least 23 of India’s 29 states..

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Mr. Grundberg was grateful for international support for the implementation and renewal of the truce. ,Captain Abdelrazakh - who joined the UN Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) in January 2021 - was deployed at the Aguelhok Super Camp in the northeast when it was attacked by an armed terrorist group attempting to seize the base and its outposts.,The landmark gathering held in Cairo concluded with a Programme of Action “that placed individual dignity and human rights, including the right to plan one’s family, at the very heart of development”, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)..

download mwos betting app,- UN Experts on Human Rights,The UN agency noted that in a recent nationwide assessment on the impact of the war, one in four of the 5,200 respondents either reduced or halted agricultural production as a direct result of the relentless fighting..

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