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In a separate statement, Tor Wennesland, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, called for political, religious, and community leaders on all sides to help calm the situation, avoid spreading inflammatory rhetoric and speak up against those seeking to escalate the fighting.,dewald brevis batting,According to credible reports, as of 10 May, at least 782 people have been killed as security forces used unnecessary, disproportionate and lethal force, to suppress demonstrations and other forms of public participation, since the military coup on 1 February.,“He expresses his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and to the Governments of all the countries whose nationals lost their lives in this tragedy”, said the statement issued by his Spokesperson..

“I reiterate the Secretary-General’s call to the members of the Middle East Quartet, key Arab partners, and to the Israeli and Palestinian leadership, to urgently re-engage and strengthen efforts to advance the goal of a negotiated two-State solution before it is too late.” ,He explained that “conflict prevention is difficult to quantify and may not make news. But no news is good news for the people we serve.” ,“Just as Colombian actors are uniting to confront the pandemic, it is imperative for all actors to end the epidemic of violence against social leaders, human rights defenders and former combatants”, he said.,craps on cruise ships.

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dewald brevis batting

COVID-19 is also having a severe economic impact, with remittances from the Somali diaspora dwindling and the federal Government projecting an 11 per cent drop in nominal GDP this year, he said.,craps oklahoma casinos,“However, we are concerned that local capacity and services may be soon overwhelmed and request urgent resources to address the needs of the new arrivals,” she added.  .

During a Security Council meeting on peace in Africa last month, Mr. Guterres declared that the sprawl of terrorist networks is a growing, transnational threat to the continent, with a pervasive climate crisis exacerbating violence, and straining resources.  ,“We remain united in our pursuit of multilateral answers to the cascading challenges facing the Arab world and beyond,” he said, spotlighting fresh political turmoil in Libya, the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the dire humanitarian crisis still facing some tens of millions of people in Yemen.,craps on cruise ships,These mechanisms include the National Commission on Security Guarantees, which is designing public policy on dismantling illegal armed groups, and the National Protection Unit, which is reviewing more than 400 requests for close protection schemes..

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“It should not create new privileges and new problems,” he cautioned. ,While most of the 200,000 people who fled the region in the early stages of the fighting have returned, Mr. Lowcock reported some 70,000 remain displaced.,Although the “vast majority” of UN personnel live up to the highest standards of conduct, any lapse not only has “a devastating impact on victims and survivors”, but also “undermines our operational efficiency and our global reputation”, explained Mr. Guterres. .

dewald brevis batting,At the weekend, the UN reported that more than 100,000 people across Yemen have been impacted by torrential rains and flooding since mid-April. Health authorities in Aden Governorate, one of the hardest-hit areas, have confirmed seven deaths, including four children.,In a statement, the peacekeeping mission said that late Friday morning, it had detected rocket launches from outside its area of operations in south Lebanon towards the Israeli-occupied Golan.  .

MONUSCO’s operations in the Kasaïs ended in June, and according to the joint strategy, the Mission will also withdraw from Tanganyika province by mid-2022, should conditions allow. ,Despite attempts by rebel groups to obstruct presidential and legislative elections, on 27 December nearly two million Central Africans casted their votes ,Echoing past updates, Ms. Nakamitsu said outstanding gaps, inconsistencies and discrepancies continue to prevent Syria’s declaration to OPCW from being considered “accurate and complete” in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Convention..

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The conflict in the border region, located in the South Caucasus, has persisted for more than three decades, with the latest round of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupting over the past two weeks.,craps oklahoma casinos,Consequently, Nigeria represents both an opportunity and a risk to the region at large and must address five critical risk factors to ensure peace, security and stability in the country: social cohesion, equality and non-discrimination; internal security; economic stability; justice and rule of law; and displacement and migration..

Mr.Salamé said he is working the the government’s Ministers of Interior and Transportation to see the airport reopens, in addition to pursuing Second and Third Steps of a three-step peace initiative he presented during his briefing to the Council in July.  ,These are a result of a war that spiralled out of the 2011 uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's rule.,craps on cruise ships,According to media reports, a car bomb detonated in the town of Azaz on Sunday, killing four and injuring at least 22. One of the dead was reportedly a 12-year-old girl. The attack comes just a day after an attack in Afrin, also in the Aleppo region, also a car-bombing, which reportedly killed six civilians, three of whom were children. .

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At least one health worker was injured when the Al-Khandra General Hospital came under heavy shelling on Monday, damaging the fully-functioning 400-bed facility. ,dewald brevis batting,“I’m from Kharkiv, which is now a very dangerous city. It’s the epicentre of this war. Today is an emotional day for me, because it’s been a month since I left home. I can still picture our apartment, and all of the belongings that we had to leave behind.,Mr.Salamé said he is working the the government’s Ministers of Interior and Transportation to see the airport reopens, in addition to pursuing Second and Third Steps of a three-step peace initiative he presented during his briefing to the Council in July.  .

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The text also expresses grave concern at the involvement of terrorist groups, and “growing involvement of mercenaries in Libya”, noting the commitments made a the Berlin conference to abide by the Security Council-imposed arms embargo, “including by ceasing all support for and withdrawing all armed mercenary personnel, and demands all Member States not to intervene in the conflict”.,Armed rebel fighters known as the anti-Balaka, under the command of  Dimitri Ayoloma launched an attack on the town of Grimari, west of Bambarim in Ouaka prefecture, in central CAR.,As this year also marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, the President said “Time has come to remove the tragedy lingering on the Korean Peninsula. The War must end, completely and for good.” .

dewald brevis batting,Ahead of the elections, peacekeepers from the UN mission in neighbouring South Sudan were deployed to the Central African Republic: a move that boosted both capacity and morale, Mr. Ndiaye told ambassadors. ,“Coups have no place in our modern world”, Mr. Guterres said in a pre-recorded video address at the Council’s 46th regular session, his comments coming after the forum held a special session on 12 February, in which it adopted a resolution expressing deep concern at the junta’s move. .

Citing a deescalation of tensions in recent weeks, the Special Envoy said Gaza has seen a reduction in violence, brokered by the UN and Egypt, however still, “three Palestinans were recently killed by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), and over 500 injured” in demonstrations along the Gaza perimeter he said, urging authorities to exercise restraint in the use of lethal force. ,The number of refugees resettled in 2019 did increase modestly by 14 per cent when compared to the previous year, when 55,680 people were resettled, but the agency maintains that “a tremendous gap remains between resettlement needs and the places made available”.,“Noting that there is a de facto moratorium on the imposition of the death penalty in the DRC, we urge the DRC authorities to maintain the moratorium on the death penalty and to consider abolishing it in law,” said Mr. Haq .

“When people call in to the radio station they might be telling the truth, but they could also be spreading hate speech, and people often ask me to tell them if some piece of information they have heard is true or false. ,Since then, the IAEA has had no access to North Korea and now monitors North Korea from afar, largely through satellite imagery, to get an idea of how many weapons the regime is capable of producing.,Helen La Lime, who is the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Haiti and head of UN’s integrated office in the country, also voiced deep concern over the “ever-growing polarization of Haitian politics” and the increasing tendency by some actors to resort to violence..

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It is a multi-generational tragedy for the peoples of this land.--UN Special Envoy Nicolay Mlandenov,The unarmed African-American's death on 25 May was captured on video while a police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes in Minneapolis, sparking worldwide protest.,Mr. Guterres reaffirmed that the UN system and the Episcopal Conference are supporting preliminary talks with the authorities and different civil society sectors. .

dewald brevis batting,Overall, the UN and partners are bringing vital assistance to more than seven million people in three states affected by the crisis.  Besides Borno, they also are operational in neighbouring Adamawa and Yobe states. ,It is a multi-generational tragedy for the peoples of this land.--UN Special Envoy Nicolay Mlandenov.

The resolution prohibits the supply, sale or transfer of weapons, ammunition and military equipment to the country, including vehicles.   ,“The six-month reporting period was marked by continued rapprochement between the Sudan and South Sudan”, Mr. Lacroix said, noting however, that the rapprochement “did not translate into significant improvements on the ground”, where the security situation remains tense.,The UN chief congratulated the competitors, saying they embody the Olympic spirit of peace, mutual respect, and understanding. .

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“Recognizing the pain and courage of the Yazidis, recovery and rehabilitation remain a priority,” said Mr. Dujarric. ,Alioune Tine, independent expert for human rights in Mali, said that contrary to news reports, President Bah N'Daw and former Prime Minister Moctar Ouane were not freed by the military on 27 May, but instead moved to house arrest. ,The UN mission chief stated he will require the support of all stakeholders as the road ahead remains difficult..

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dewald brevis batting,Ms. Fore said the escalation “brings a renewed urgency” for governments to repatriate children who qualify as citizens, before it is too late.,In addition to its core mission, the Treaty includes a verification regime in the form of a global network, that provides useful data for civil and scientific purposes, including tsunami warning and climate change studies.  .

“As the situation evolves, a critical challenge facing humanitarian actors is the need to scale up operations from within Syria,” said Ms. Mueller.,Speaking at the outset of its meeting on Wednesday, Security Council President Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière of France said members were saddened by the death of the Haitian leader. ,“Clearly, I can imagine that he would not like to see me now in Myanmar because the people know me…and they would probably be very encouraged by my presence, so I think this is not in the interest of the army,” she said.   .

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“There are no winners in war, but countless lives will be torn apart,” said Filippo Grandi, head of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR. ,Unidentified armed groups killed at least 58 people in Darey-dey and Sinégogar, located in the Tillabery region, according to a statement issued on Wednesday by Marie-Pierre Poirier, UNICEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa. ,“There’s a worsening economic situation due to COVID-19, and that’s all on top of the persisting pervasive poverty.” .

dewald brevis batting,He highlighted two priorities, namely the Implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation and supporting the political framework for managing the crisis in the country’s conflict-affected central region.,Furthermore, one person died and six others were injured, including two children, in attacks in Abu Salim on Friday, while several casualties were reported in airstrikes in Tajoura on Tuesday..

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Yet, the epidemic is not yet completely eradicated. The UN-supported strategy will be reinforced “by the introduction of five new approved drugs, in addition to the Ebola vaccine, which will completely get rid of the disease,” he added, along with praise for the solidarity shown by the UN and the African Union in the fight against this epidemic.,slot game reviews,Commercial flights to and from the city, which had been halted on 23 June, were still suspended. ,“UNHCR is shocked and outraged by the attack and calls in the strongest terms for the respect for international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and humanitarian workers from violence, and to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice immediately”, said the agency..

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Beyond the immediate health impact, we are extremely worried about the secondary effects of the pandemic -- UN Relief Coordinator,craps on cruise ships,“Hundreds of thousands of civilians in northern Syria are now in harm's way. Civilians and civilian infrastructure must not be a target,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said.,The emergency aid was transported to the country via a UNHCR-chartered Boeing 777.  .

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 “The UN welcomes the commitment expressed by the parties to the intra-Afghan negotiations; and urges them to move quickly in their preparations to start negotiations, including by forming a truly representative negotiating team”, said the UN mission.,shane watson ipl,Mr. Guterres said the world has watched Syria spiral into destruction and bloodshed in a conflict that has left no family there untouched.   ,At the same time women are disproportionately employed in the sectors most affected by lockdowns – where there is “an alarming spike” in gender-based and domestic violence – and are more likely than men to lack savings, social security and health coverage. .

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More than half are displaced within the country, but 92,000 people have crossed into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), while more than 13,200 are now in Cameroon, Chad and the Republic of the Congo. ,shivam singh like,The development comes a day after Mr. Guterres and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed discussed the extremely concerning humanitarian situation in the northern province. ,“When it comes to delivering life-saving aid to people in need across Syria, all channels should be made, and kept, available. The stakes are simply too high otherwise”, he said. .

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dewald brevis batting

In a statement, the Head of MINUSCA, Mankeur Ndiaye, said the verdict demonstrates “the will of the Central African State to fight against impunity through its judiciary system.” This step, he added, “is essential for the country to move forward towards an effective reconciliation.” ,Citing UN chief António Guterres, the envoy noted that young people continuously find new ways to organize and advance bolder solutions. ,David Shearer, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for South Sudan, warned of increased risk of conflict with the start of the dry season, in December-January, as people start moving towards sources of water for their cattle. .

The appeal was made by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the UN human rights office in Geneva, which on Monday published a joint report calling for accountability for the attack targeting the Daman building complex, which houses the detention centre. ,Since 2012, Mali and the wider Sahel region has seen instability wrought by political turmoil, growing violent extremism, widespread poverty, unemployment, economic disparities, crumbling governance and lack of access to basic services.  ,With classrooms closed, some 300,000 children are missing daily school meals, putting them at risk of stunted growth, it said..

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“Civilians can suffer devastating harm both in the immediate aftermath, and in the long-term”, the UN chief explained. ,“But how can our young people involve themselves in the same fight if they have neither water, nor light?” he wondered.,With Afghanistan back under de facto Taliban rule, women and girls are now regarded as second-class citizens, said former leading parliamentarian, Fawzia Koofi, adding, “literally, they are making us invisible again.” .

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“At a time when Myanmar needs them the most, health workers fear arrest or detention for exercising their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly”, the Country Team said in a news release, reiterating its call for health workers, health facilities and patients to be protected.,Following legislative elections held in March, a new Government was inaugurated in July under Prime Minister Aristides Gomes.,President Moon stressed that multilateralism must be strengthened, even amidst a crisis. He highlighted the value of solidarity, cooperation and free trade, as well as the need to achieve the twin goals of disease prevention and revitalization of the global economy.  .

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OCHA reported that the national police force is often not able to provide security and protection during the clashes, leaving vulnerable populations to fend for themselves. ,Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative and Head of the UN Stabilization Mission in DRC (MONUSCO), warned of heightened political tensions in the country, including fissures within the ruling coalition and a presidential threat to dissolve the national assembly. ,Against the backdrop that earlier this month, a defense ministry planning committee approved plans for 4,948 more homes, he spelled out: “It is high time for accountability”. .

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She informed the room that arrest warrants are still outstanding for “three ICC fugitives” accused of “grave international crimes”, including war crimes and crimes against humanity, including “persecution, imprisonment, torture, and other inhumane acts”. ,While the agreement has been “a huge success” – stopping bloodshed and promoting state-building in a country divided among Bosniak, Serb and Croat communities – it brought “an imperfect peace”, according to the envoy.  ,“This is a precious opportunity to put an end to the recurrent dynamics of violence in Colombia.”  .

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“Let’s address the fragilities and inequalities that work against peace, so that we emerge from the crisis stronger than before.   Let’s push for peace wherever conflict is raging and wherever there are diplomatic opportunities to silence the guns.  Let’s prioritize peace and build a safer future for all.”   ,Calling the deteriorating situation “a ticking time-bomb that must not be ignored”, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet lamented: "We are receiving more reports every day of targeted killings and bombings from one end of the country to the other, with many such attacks taking place in populated areas".,Although his country started direct peace talks with the Taliban, he maintained that “this won’t be enough…we must get to the root of the terrorism problem blighting our region and address it as the global phenomenon, and threat, that it is”. .

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Since his last briefing to the Council in July, 20 former combatants have been killed, totaling 151 since the signing of the Peace Agreement.  ,Ms. Williams, who was appointed earlier this month, had previously served as Acting Special Representative and Head of UNSMIL from March 2020 until this past January.  ,The AU Commission and the UN Secretariat also called on political parties to abide by the Code of Conduct which they had signed last December..

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Following the resolution adopted by consensus, any such use will now trigger a General Assembly meeting, where all UN members can scrutinize and comment on the veto.,Following that request, Mr. Lacroix presented a strategic review, which indicated that UNISFA was successfully continuing its work, to protect the people of Abyei through its military and mine action presence.  ,“In today’s turbulent times”, he continued, “violence takes many forms: from the destructive impact of the climate emergency to the devastation caused by armed conflict; from the indignities of poverty to the injustice of human rights violations to the brutalizing effects of hate speech.”.

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People also have been evacuating from Mabruka camp, located in neighbouring Al-Hasakeh Governorate in the far northeast corner of Syria, where around 19 families remain.,“While ISIL has not developed a purposeful strategy to exploit the pandemic, its efforts to regroup and to reinvigorate its activities [has] gained further momentum”, he said. ,Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, said that every effort must be taken to prevent a catastrophic nuclear incident..

dewald brevis batting,He pointed out that the Berlin Summit, followed by Security Council resolution 2510, adopted on 12 February, had insisted on the need for a nationwide ceasefire and the enforcement of an arms embargo and seen the launch of a promising new three track process to bring the UN-backed Government and opposition backed by rebel militia, together.,“We are indeed in a race against time, as emphasized by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, to help these people prepare for winter,” said the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Director-General..

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