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Irrigation Research Institute Roorkee Uttarakhand
"Bigger Models ..... Better Results"

Irrigation Research Institute Roorkee

IRI was established to carry out Research and Development work under the aegis of the U. P. Irrigation Department in the year 1928 as a small research unit in Lucknow

The success of this small unit was duly acknowledged and in 1945 activities were expanded. The expanded unit was shifted to Bahadarabad (Roorkee) in 1946, where facilities in abundance were available for the physical modeling of hydraulic structures

Sister Organisation

Irrigation Design Organisation, Roorkee

The Central Design Directorate was established at Lucknow in the year 1961 for the specific need of undertaking the designs of major hydro projects

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Chief Engineer (Design) & Director

Phone No: +91-1332-265174, Fax No: +91-1332-262487, ce@iriroorkee.res.in, info@iriroorkee.res.in

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